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Colin Egglesfield struggled to understand murderer Randy Roth

Colin Egglesfield plays convicted murderer Randy Roth in the Lifetime movie "A Rose for her Grave." Egglesfield and co-stars Laura Ramsey and Chrishell Stause discussed what made Randy dangerous and violent.

David Gyasi, Andrew Gower: ‘Carnival Row’ mirrors real-world troubles

David Gyasi and Andrew Gower say their British fantasy drama, "Carnival Row," reflects real contemporary issues despite that many of its characters are mythological creatures.

North Korea warns of 'unprecedented' response to U.S. military exercises

North Korea warned Friday of "unprecedentedly persistent and strong counteractions" to planned joint military drills between the United States and South Korea, which Pyongyang has long condemned as preparations for war.

Billy Crudup: 'Hello Tomorrow!' salesman has love for humanity

Billy Crudup and his "Hello Tomorrow!" co-stars Dewshane Williams, Haneefah Wood and Nicholas Podany discuss the art of selling in their sci-fi comedy.

Seoul declares North Korea ‘enemy’ for first time in six years in defense report

South Korea labeled North Korea's regime and military an "enemy" for the first time in six years in a new policy report released by its Defense Ministry on Thursday, warning of Pyongyang's growing nuclear threat.

'Wolf Pack:' Wildfires, troubled teens lure Sarah Michelle Gellar back to horror

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in the Paramount+ series, "Wolf Pack."

'Animaniacs' actors don't believe Season 3 is the end

Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille and Jess Harnell share their hopes to continue "Animaniacs" after Hulu's third and final season of their reboot.

Senators say Mexico, China must do more to curb fentanyl crisis

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, blamed two cartels -- the Sinaloa and the Jalisco -- as primarily responsible for the widespread fentanyl deaths.

Ana Gasteyer: 'American Auto' a goofball workplace comedy laced with social criticism

Ana Gasteyer says "American Auto" continues to balance "goofball workplace comedy" with social criticism in its second season.

North Korea issues stamps featuring Kim Jong Un’s daughter

North Korea unveiled a series of postage stamps Tuesday featuring leader Kim Jong Un's daughter, Kim Ju Ae, for the first time.

Dylan McDermott: Agent Remy’s at a ‘boiling point’ in ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

Dylan McDermott says viewers will get to see a more personal side of his character, Special Agent Remy Scott, on Tuesday's episode of "FBI: Most Wanted."

China sends warplanes, ships near Taiwan after U.S. naval drills

China sent 18 warplanes and four naval vessels into the waters and airspace near Taiwan, Taipei's military said Monday, after the U.S. Navy and Marines held joint exercises in the South China Sea over the weekend.

Kara Robinson Chamberlain: Lifetime movie reignited emotions of kidnapping ordeal

Kara Robinson Chamberlain said the Lifetime movie about her experience, "The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story," helped her unbury emotions she'd blocked from her kidnapping.

Super Bowl LVII: Jalen Hurts always stoic, doubter-driven, Eagles say

Jalen Hurts maintains a stoic demeanor, but often delivers powerful messages when he speaks. Teammates say his poise calms the Philadelphia Eagles while doubts from others have sparked the quarterback's Super Bowl run.

Seoul hits North Korea with its first sanctions for cybercrime

South Korea imposed sanctions against North Korea on Friday in a response to cybercrimes that Seoul says are being used to fund the secretive state's illicit nuclear and missile development programs.

Super Bowl kickers isolated, but the Chiefs, Eagles trust them

Harrison Butker and Jake Elliott say they often avoid interactions with their star teammates, but they're heavily trusted by Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles players heading into Sunday's Super Bowl LVII.

Arctic squirrels may hold key to helping astronauts survive on long missions

A University of Alaska researcher is studying the effects of an experimental drug in hibernating Arctic ground squirrels, with the goal of one day helping astronauts survive in space.

North Korea shows off record number of ICBMs at military parade

North Korea held a massive military parade, state media reported Thursday, with an unprecedented number of ICBMs and a possible new solid-fuel missile on display.

Fights on 'Love for the Ages' reunion surprised host Adrienne Bailon-Houghton

Adrienne Bailon-Houghton discusses the revelations on the "Love for the Ages" reunion and how she transitioned from music and acting to hosting.

Kim Jong Un visits troops with daughter ahead of military anniversary

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited troops and attended a military banquet on the 75th anniversary of the army's founding, state media reported Wednesday, accompanied by his daughter in her latest public appearance.

Phoenix prepared to welcome, protect huge Super Bowl LVII crowds

Phoenix already welcomed near-record crowds this week, and the desert flood likely will continue leading up to Sunday's Super Bowl LVII. The NFL and law enforcement planned for 22 months to entertain and protect fans.

Cast calls 'Edge of History' series 'National Treasure' with normal people

The stars of "National Treasure: Edge of History" say that, unlike the first two movies in the franchise, their Disney+ series follows the adventures of amateur puzzle-solvers instead of seasoned experts.

Kim Jong Un calls for North Korea to expand preparations for war

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un led a meeting that called the country's military to expand its combat drills and work toward "perfecting the preparedness for war," state media reported on Tuesday.

Utah bills would ease student dress codes for religious, cultural items

As high school students around the country fight for the right to wear religious and cultural items at graduation and athletic events, Utah is considering legislation to allow it.

Filmmakers: ‘Big Horn’ shines light on missing, murdered Indigenous women

Filmmakers Razelle Benally and Matthew Galkin say they hope their three-part series, "Murder in Big Horn," shines a spotlight on a shocking tragedy that has bedeviled rural America for centuries.